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            Focus on rubber and plastic auxiliary machinery for 20 years
            HUARE is the earliest company that R&D and professional manufacturer of Plastic & Rubber auxiliary machines. Through more than one decade of struggle that have our own brand HUARE and proprietary independent intellectual property rights. What’s more, HUARE maintains domestic enterprise synchronous leading status of granulating & shredding, mold temperature controlling, dehumidifying & drying, material loading & mixing, system integration etc.

            Impetus to Plastic & Rubber auxiliary machine manufacturing

            Welcome to HUARE, one leading manufacturer of Plastic & Rubber and various system configuration providers of China.
            About HUARE
            Ningbo HUARE Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will attend CHINAPLAS 2017 at the stand no.4.1S71.We will show concentrated grinding machin
            We provide technical support for you to learn more.
            In the past 20 years, we grew accompany with rapid rise of China’s economy and business. We’re proud to play an important role of that, now we are looking at sustainable growth in the future while expanding globally at the same time.
            More than 20 years’ disturbances, HUARE’s success is not only attributed to those outstanding leaders, also to the values、the spirit of innovation, partnership, proprietary technology, reliability and quality of life.
            Technology Advantages
            Sharp tools make good work . Through complete operation process and strict quality control system, we are able to stably provide high quality products for long-term with systematic, standardized running.
            Star Products
            HED European Hopper Dryer
            HED series European hopper dryer can be dry due to packaging, transportation or recycling of wet raw materials...
            Dehumidifying & Drying series
            HGB Gravimetric Blenders
            HGB series gravimetric blenders for injection molding, extrusion or hollow molding process used for a variety of raw materials...
            Metering & Mixing series
            HAL Vacuum Auto-Loader
            HAL SERIES auto loader has stainless steel hopper, high performance vacuum motor, motor overload protective device and idle alarm....
            Auto-Loader & Conveyor series
            HMC-W Water Mold Temperature Controller
            HMC-WG Water Mold temperature controller is used to heat up the mold and maintain temperature, also can be used in other similar applications...
            Chiller & Mold temperature machine series
            HGS Low speed crusher
            HGS series of tooth-eating grinder with a tooth-eating tool with cutting the knife design principle can be achieved without dust crushing effect...
            Edge Crusher series
            HTS Barrel Granulator
            HTS series granulator is apply to all kinds of plastic drum body etc hollow container of shattered recycle including drinking bucket...
            Concentrated series
            HUARE In Global Market
            From China、America、Europe to South-east asia and the Middle-East, we aim to support domestic management, accept skills of new labor force, bring greater value and prosperity to the world.