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            HD Honeycomb Dehumidifier

            Basic introduction

            • We can supply dry air machines with low dew point of -40 °.
            • Beautiful appearance, simple and reasonable design and easy for maintenance.
            • Suitable for hygroscopic engineering plastics, such as PA, PC, PBT, PET, ABS etc.

            Model definition

            • HD - AAA F
            • HD: HUARE Honeycomb Dehumidifier
            • AAA:Dry air capacity (m3/hr)

            Special Features

            • This series adopt PID temperature control system, can precisely control regeneration temperature;
            • With over temperature protection, motor overload, reverse protection alarming protective function;
            • The inner is equipped with return air filter, ensure runner from raw material hives dust pollution.


            • 1 TO 2 master machine function can be optional
            • Dew Point Meter can be optional


            • Please provide the length of the air hose to be connected when ordering.
            • Please provide the fan inlet and elbow outlet installation dimensions when supporting other companies' dryer.
            • Standard voltage: 3 phase, 380V, 50 Hz;
            • Have any special needs, please contact us.
            • Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.