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            HLD Hopper Dryer & Auto-Loader

            Basic introduction

            • HLD dryer & loader is the dryer and the feeder through the L-type frame combination, equipped with both suction box and casters easy to move, the combination of drying function and feeding function makes it easier for customers to use.

            Model definition
            • HLD - AAA-BBB-CCC
            • HLD: HUARE Hopper Dryer & Auto-Loader
            • AAA:  Hopper Dryer type
            • BBB:  Auto-Loader type
            • CCC:E= Configure photoelectric hopper

            Special Features

            • The drying part references from the dryer configuration
            • The feeding part references from the Vacuum Auto-Loader configuration
            • Standard with L-type frame and single tube suction box


            • Exhaust Air Filter/ Fan Inlet Filter/ Magnetic Base/ Magnetic Frame/ Hot Air Recycling/ Ground Frame / Mobile Collection Bin / Suction Box and other accessories can be optional
            • Double-layer insulation cylinder function can be optional
            • HLINK networking function can be optional


            • The power supply must use the specified voltage.
            • Have any special needs, please contact us.
            • Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.